Unspoken Words Photography


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The Afterthought

The Afterthought emotion is the look I feel captured here. As if we don't know what did happen or is about to happen.

Plugged into Nature

Mandie, taking some time during her yoga session to plug herself, literally, into nature and take in the moment.

Fethered Beauty

Beauty photo with feather head dress and accessories.

Preparing for the Show

These Great theatre performers getting ready before their big show!

Kate and her Smile

In this whip around over the shoulder look, Kate demonstrates her gorgeous smile!

Joy out of Darkness

Just feeling the sense of joy emerging from darkness.

Passion in Motion

Great drummer in the moment in concert live shot by myself on May 31st in Toronto for a great local band I was invited to shoot. Lead singer Patrizia.

50's Film Noir Days Past

A film noir feel of a time gone long ago.

Victorian Workout

I combined a corset worn by model and make up artist Melissa Leslie with a corset designed by Dianna of Starkers corsetry a dear local friend in Toronto with so much talent and not enough exposure. I then blended a background of a church photo I had in photoshop. And yes that is a real weight of over 100 pounds with the bar. I wanted Melissa the model to provide an organic pose while trying to look elegant in this tight Corset - Kudos to her for making it happen.

Future Birth

Fashionable escapade into the idea of the birth before it happens.

The beauty and the roses of spring

A beauty photo pretty in pink and spring feel new life.

Future Film Noir

The Gaze of a film noir star blended with a bit of color and fashion look of timeless appeal.

Old 60's Hollywood ReBorn

The feel of an older Hollywood time period in the 60's re-born in the new century.

Alicia Angus

Alicia Angus with her kind positive look.

Ready and Waiting

Ready for action!

The Haunting

The feel of the haunting eyes as if there is something about to happen is what i wanted to capture in this photo.

Barb Beauty photo

A headshot/beauty photo of Barb of Barb Wire sports webcasts starting season 2 soon.

Supermodel SpiderWoman

Alexandra Gray posing perfectly for my supermodel Spiderwoman influenced creation.

Air Alexandra Gray

Friend with a love for basketball. And after the photo she actually got the shot in without looking at the basket!

Bikini On the Rocks

Swimsuit look with a fashion touch and basking under the sunny day.

Koren Leap

Koren, ballet dancer and her caught in mode leap.

Posture Ladies Posture

Polite ladies learning in the dance world how important posture is and that struggle inside and against another in the craft. Posture in general in life for the polite woman in a society where politeness is such a fragile facade.

Rebel with a Cause

A photo shot black and white to give it that gritty feel.

Let Them Eat Cupcakes Instead

A concept of a modern consumer look of Marie Antoinette as a corporation letting the poor have cupcakes to put a twist on the famous phrase to be attributed to her in history, 'let them eat cake.'

The Musician Composing Herself

The Musician Composing herself shows a fun play on words and the emotion of songwriting, and performance in front of crowds after creating music.

Striking Entrance

Entering a room with confidence and Kindness. Strength and elegance.

A Reflection of the Future

An artist looking at the future and another photo I placed within the art board and did a photo realistic art piece of that photo and combined.

Kate Over the Shoulder Beauty

Taking a look over her shoulder, Kate provides a stunning smile to brighten anyone's day.

Koren -film noir bride of the future

LED wedding dress combing classic with future visionary look.

Katarina Beauty Shot

Beauty photo

Day Dreaming on the Waterfront

Day dreaming on the waterfront is a moment in time when so many joyful possibilities seem to be aligning.

Purple Heart

A person baring her heart to the world.

3 of a kind. 1 in the Same

triplets of the same person from 3 separate photos.

Circus Tent Fitness

Mixing different genres from fashion to dance and fitness with a top hat circus feel.

Varsity Superhero

Combining the 50's high school vibe with a modern day aggressive punk look and captured in a way to make my friend Meaghan look like a super hero at the same time.

Spread the Fitness Joy

A fitness and or body builder's best friend to cheat - spread the fitness joy.

Sunshine Kiss

Enjoying the warm kiss of the sun.

Suburban Driveway

Taken from my driveway looking at the quiet Sunday streets in my neighbourhood.

Plastic Trees of the Future Designs

Plastic Trees of the Future and our precious environment being reduced to artwork on a wall and our connection with our past in nature.

Humanity Melting Away

80s aerobic fun

A colourful expression of fun and friendship with a feel of the 80s aerobic look. Happiness


A black and white to colour layered headshot/glamour/beauty shot of Cassandra.

Fitness Mystery

Fashion mystery meets the fitness world in this photo.

Gazing upon the past

The feeling of something missing that only the past contains.

Futuristic Drive -In Cosmetics Service

In the future, there will exist the past and drive up service of cosmetics while watching films at the future drive in multi complex entertainment resorts.

The Fragile Ice Storm Apple

It may look a bit like an orange, but it is an Apple frozen to my apple tree in my backyard due to the recent ice storm. Everything so fragile with the frozen branches on the tree. The Apple in a Coma. Not dead off the tree and not alive, but just frozen there.

Jemz Make Up artist in front of the Lens

Normally beautifying others as a make up artist, here she sits with her radiant beauty herself in front of the lens.


Wishing for a magical life

Fashion Fitness

Doing some fitness work with intensity and fashion style in her concrete gym.

Fashion 57

Fashion look with a soft beauty feel.

The Corset and Kelleth

Great model Kelleth with corset look from designer Stalkers Corsets. I added some pop to the beauty lighting I did in post editing.

The Moment of truth at the Wedding

The moment of truth when it is time to say, "i do" captured from above under the eyes of the universe and all of God and or science and or both lol - of creation.

Every Day Superheroes

Two female fire fighters in the Toronto area who are super heroes every day of the week.

Hopeful Pose

The thought of hope in the pose towards the sky, dreaming of what can be and that freedom, love and joy.

In the Fields of Hope

Captured a friend while gazing into the distance.

Tess and a night out to the Gala

Getting dressed up in Starkers Corsetry Designs


Radiant Glow of my friend Felicia


Winter Headshot

The Dark Alien Bride Retouch

A photo retouch I edited to give a dark view of the bridal feel.

The Romantic Dilema

The Dilemma of smoking and the romance of the smoker and how it hurts the health of people. The conflict of addiction.

The Kelleth Trinity Spiritual Fashion

A friend of mine who does modelling work as what i call, The Kelleth Trinity. (Her name being Kelleth) The duality is shown throughout the use of tights and there is a separation between one side of her but not the other which is very connected. Fashion meets spirituality and a clean slate.



Curiosity of what is happening in the room.


Wondering what can be and what could have been.

Ascension of the female spirit

I captured this during a live show I was shooting in May for a friend rock opera singer Patrizia and caught this live happening above me. I did a bit of post edit work to make it photo realistic art.

Sunlight and Easy on a Sunday morning Villa

Friend in a very relaxed mood but bursting with vibrant energy.

The Arrow from Cupid that Missed its Mark for Love

The Arrow from Cupid that Missed its Mark for Love causing pain and despair to heal from. Pain from not making a love connection.

Fall is Becoming of Her

I thought of a vibrant look I wanted to do a photo realistic edit to celebrate Fall, October 1st and the cool spirit of Halloween combined with a beauty look.

The Simple Wonders of Nature

The beauty of nature near the big city.

Future World Portrait

A friend 100 years from now as she looks in the future in our immortal sci fi world!

Ground Zero Fitness

At the moment just before the explosive lift.

Ready for Sunday

On a Sunday morning, ready up and early for a day out of family gaterings, church and fun later.

Happy Prom Night

A happy Prom night gone wrong. - High expectations not met.

Lady of the Fall

Fall season is my favorite time of year and so it is a great time for fashion and mother nature!

Dana's Positive Energy

My friend Dana with her gentle look.

Sci Fi Corset

A designer friend with her sic fi influenced corset design.

The Stairway to Freedom

I took a photo and did some editing and drawing and layered it in photoshop to create this photorealistic painting.


Taking a moment to think and reflect.

True Unbridled Joy

Joy captured in a moment.

50's rule breaker

A rebel without a cause she is.

Posture on the Hot roof

On a hot day on a rooftop, Marta strikes a delicate pose of posture and balance.

Hit Woman From the Future

A futuristic depiction of a film noir inspired hit woman.

When the Crowds Are Watching

A performer during a rock concert I was shooting for the act/band Patrizia

Amy and the Beast

Amy and her tattoo with roses gave me the idea of a play on words; Amy and the Beast.

Peering Eyes

looking with anticipation and curiousity.

The Details

It is all in the Details

Freedom and Joy

A feeling of Joy and leap of faith into happiness.

Beauty in Blue

The glow of Elle a Friend.

Edgy Elegance

An elegant corset look with edge

Corporate Stacey

A corporate look for a friend Stacey.


This black and white of a friend pic has that old cute Hollywood feel to it I think.

Monika Fitness and MMA Star

Monika is a fantastic model and Thai fighter along with being a great fitness model.

Victorian Verses

A corset victorian fashion look, while the lady becomes invested in her book and own world.

Balance and Elegance

Ballet Dancer displays power and grace

Taya Fitness

Taya Fitness Look

Subtle Fire

A cozy sweater look with a bit of edge.

The Bridal Edge

A bridal look.

When the Crowds are Gone

After the Crowds are gone and the performer is alone.

Plugging Into Nature

The concept of humans and our modern day needs trying to find a balance and harmony with nature.

The House and days gone by

An old home that was left for demolition and imagining the past and bringing it to life for a second while driving by on a Sunday afternoon.

On the road of life

The many choices of life during our journey.

Corporate Sunshine

The new cold world of commerce under the electronic Sunshine

Varsity days gone by

Varsity days and Summer Nights into the Autumn wind.

Sexy and Fashionable Nerdy Tyler

Tyler as a sexy fashionable nerd.

Depression to Vibrance and Joy

The feeling of depression to joy

The Apocalypse and the Winnebago

The end of times and the safety of the winnebago.

The Hockey Princess

The female hockey star!

The Pin up Aftermath

After the summer is over, the pin up - ever strong in the face of the coming storm.

The Liberty of The CN Tower

Thought it would be fun to contrast the "liberty" hair look with the famous CN tower here in Toronto from the edge of a roof top.

The Artist Model and Hunter

The concept here is beauty and Niki who is an artist and a model being the Hunter as well...dishevelled or is she the one with the power?

Put 'em Up

Shot on stage with a fast iso and no natural light against a red curtain.

Travels with my car

Travelling north of the city to get some air and capture beauty.

Summer Sunset and Peaceful Moment

Taken during the sunset on Labour day.


A mood set of despair

Secrets in the glow of the strange moonlight

Secrets in the glow of the strange moonlight - is a digital art piece I put together with different photos I had that i placed together of a person and the woods with effects added...

Summer Field of Joy

During the summer heat, enjoying a happy moment.

Silence before the Stage

The feeling of a performer and mood with silence before hitting the stage.

Deep Blue Electric Sky

Sunny Lazy day taking photos into the sky with a fast shutter speed and just enjoying.

Classic Hollywood SuperNova Pin Up Lady

A friend of mine nicknamed 'Pastel Supernova' for her positive energy and happy spirit was sitting across my camera one day when I just snapped this of her looking up whilst a make up artist was creating a heavy make up style. I feel the black and white and the make up style blend for a black and white glamour pin up look .

The New Banks and World Commerce

My Dad is Greek and my Mom is Italian. On Sunday June 17th, Greece is having a historic election to decide whether or not to remain a part of the economic union in Europe. I fear that the same vote will happen in Italy, and many other nations in Europe. So when I took this photo, I thought to myself, what if all we had left of our banking system was an illusion of safety?

A Sunny Rooftop of Building Dreams

A beautiful day outside under the sun on a friend's rooftop in the downtown Toronto area looking at the clouds sweep by and just enjoying life.

Sunset While Getting Mail Shot with iPhone

While getting my mail this evening I shot this beautiful sunset with my iPhone 5 that I carry with me everywhere just in case there is something to take a photo of. I look up and bam! sunset inspiration. I did not edit this at all. I did shoot directly into the sunset (something I have tried before and noticed I got great natural in the moment effects) while it was getting dark and that did in a great way "mess" with the camera's logic board brain leading to this result as it tried to figure out exposure levels. I snapped just before it fully finished focusing for a great organic meets painting effect. I love the miracle of nature!

Greg LeChance Six Pack

A photo taken of bodybuilder Greg LeChance a few weeks out of his next bodybuilding show.

Waiting for the Explanation

Capturing the look of one person waiting for the answer to explain themselves and how fearful the moment of truth can be for both parties involved.

The Awakening and Saint of Loving Truth

The idea that the truth is not a bad secret, but a bad that the love and truth is hidden from us revealed by this Saint.

Fit and Stylish

Stan, a fitness trainer and fitness athlete adding a touch of fashion and style.




A friend on a lazy day just being her positive self.

The Gaze of the dynamic mind

Dana a friend of mine gazing off into the distance making us wonder what wonders she is thinking.

Skeleton Beauty

Beauty meets the inner beauty. Life and death and rebirth.

Silent Bridal Rage on Wedding Day

The feeling of a bride with edge on her wedding day

Elegance and Modern Grace

Two friends of mine wearing the designs of my friend Diana that designs Corsets for Starkers Corsetry.

Day dream

Holly, with a gaze into deep thought.

Emerging from Darkness to Joy

From the Shadows of despair entering into the light of joy!

The Strength of Joy of Love

The positive energy of Love and strength of Joy will overcome all.